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Hannah Montana Surf Shop Challenge

Hannah Montana Surf Shop Challenge game starts when Hanna Montana and friends accepts Rico's Surf Shop Challenge that will last for seven days. Select Miley, Lilly, Oliver or Jackson to play with and start enjoying Surf Shop Challenge game! The first thing you should do is select the products you want to sell at your Surf Shop. The good news is that after you complete each of the seven days at the beach, you will be able to buy more diverse products that will attract customers even more! Before you obtain the products and start selling them, read the product descriptions to find out which ones are perfect for that particular day. Also, pay attention to what your customers really want. If you notice that they are not interested in buying sunscreen as much as they want a hot dog, then it would be a smart decision to purchase lower amounts of sunscreen for that day. Also, mind the weather report at the beginning of the mission in order to determine which products would sell most on that particular day. You should be aware that if you choose to return something that you have already purchased, you will only get three-quarters of your money back, so be very careful when you decide to do this. You can do this by rolling over the desired product with your cursor. Just click on the product to purchase it and start having fun! Use the bottom slider to set the number of products you are buying and the side slider to set the price at which you are going to sell them. It is of utmost importance to make smart decisions here! It is completely fine to go all the way to the top if you want to have the highest score and win against Rico!